100 t
1200 mm
190 mm
19 t
387 mm/sec
326 mm/sec
400 mm
600 mm
1000 x 570 mm
1000 x 450 mm
1000 mm
400 KN/180mm 
40 KN
SIemens S7 
18,5 kW
7,0 t

hydraulic Double-column production press in high-speed version

incl. lower cylinder TU 3 controllable as die cushion or ejector, compressive
infinitely adjustable, stroke infinitely adjustable, with separate double pump
Motor, die cushion plate guided over 2 columns, 99 sleeve bores in the
Table top, calculated on a grid of 50 mm
Die cushion force 400 kN
Ejector force 400 kN
Piston stroke 180 mm
Die cushion area 550 x 450 mm
Upward speed 149/69/10mm/s
Descending speed 128 mm/s
Drive power 5.5 KW

Incl. SICK C4000 light curtain with a protective field height of 900 mm on the
mounted with protection function, single-ended tripping with protection
Two-stroke triggering with protective function, without initial approval by the

including electronic press control TP177B, based on a Siemens PLC S7
312(313) with Pilz PLC PSS3074 designed with memory for 99 tools,
Execution as press control for 2 axes incl. expansion of pressure setting

incl. ram plate over four columns continuous in the machine body
greatest possible guide length and enlargement of the clamping surfaces

incl. each additional 3 T-slots from right to left in the table and
ram plate.

including reduction of the overall height to 3,200 mm, hydraulic unit at the
lowered at the top