500 mm
ja ja/nein
5 bis 500 mm mm
3 kW
0,54 t
3,0x1,5x1,6 m

For precise and low-burr mass sections made of non-ferrous metals with short
cycle times.
Product features
• Simple operation and safe function.
• Swiveling protective hoods with safety limit switches.
• Clamping and setting the section length using a vernier.
• Maximum drive power through direct drive.
• High precision thanks to double shaft guidance.
• All control elements are clearly and centrally arranged on the control panel.
• The number of cuts (number of pieces) can be preselected on the numbering
unit with an electrical preset counter.
• Non-contact limit switch for the saw stroke.
• A clamping pressure for pliers advance

We have the machine connected, the engine is running, the clamps are working so
far, it would be advisable to check all pneumatic hoses again. Unfortunately we
were unable to start automatic mode, probably an operating error. See video on