500 mm
240 mm
530 mm
SIEMENS 802S base line 
750 x 210 mm
260 mm
150 - 8.600 U/min
2.000 mm/min
3,0 kW
0,8 t
1,9 x 1x2 x 1,9 m

Machine comes from a university and was used sporadically.

including vice
including electric Handwheel
including work light
including coolant pump
including machine feet
including central lubrication

Stable CNC milling machines with professional Siemens 802 S baseline control,
ideal for users in mold making
Ball screw spindle from HIWIN in all axes
Solid, precise cross table, large dimensions and precisely surface-machined.
Heavy, solid cast design
Adjustable wedge strips
Very wide speed range Continuously variable drive
Electronic handwheel reduces setup time to a minimum
Compact housing design Foldable housing side parts for easy access to the
The work area is clearly visible from three sides thanks to clear Macrolon panes
Base is designed on two sides. Front with access to the coolant tank Rear with
access to the electronics and the Optimum CNC controller IV
Siemens Micromaster as a frequency converter
All doors with safety switches
ER32: for high speed and normal machining
Linear guide in the Z axis
Central lubrication