KOCEL – 7470

1.010 mm
600 mm
1.830 mm

Total height: 1830 mm
Height of the feet: 30 mm
Width: 1010 mm
Depth: 600 mm

4 height-adjustable grid drawers e.g. for storing chemicals.

– The cabinet is a stable sheet steel construction and was welded firmly.
– The quietly running drawers can be pulled out by up to 97%.
– The cabinet is also secured by a central lock.
– In all drawers are also pre-punched channels to vary the distances between
the drawers in 25 mm increments.
– The cabinet is equipped with adjustable M12 screw feet.
– For all our models with swivel doors, they can reach 180 °
   be opened.
– The cabinet is labeled with aluminum handles and plastic pegs
   provided on the handle heads.