Fortuna Federn – BEM-12 CNC

900 x 1100 x 900 mm
550 kg
400 V

The semi-automatic, servo-controlled CNC wire forming machine BEM CNC is for the
very easy and quick production of bent parts from round wire (strips
with optional accessories). Programming is fast and accurate.
The controls are very simple and with push buttons you can control each
Start the bending process easily. By combining separate
Variable speed bend formers can be very efficient
work. The bending angle for each segment is unlimited and the
Speed can be set between 1 and 100%. The number of
active segments is set with only one action. The intuitive
Production menu makes production very convenient. It shows one
progress bar, a display of the current position and a sample counter.

The BEM CNC touch control unit LENZE is a generation of high-resolution
Touchscreens with large and clear command keys with which
Simply save or load programs with just one keystroke.

Wire diameter according to EN 10270-1 DH = 4.00 – 12.00 mm (.157″-.472″)
Spring diameter range = 35 – 200 mm
Productivity = approx. 1,000 bends (360°) / hour
Servo drive LENZE = 3.8 KW
Weight approx. 550 kg