370 mm
120 mm
l 120 mm
r 105 mm
110 mm
180 mm
l 90 mm
100 mm
13-73 U/min
HM 370 x 40 x 3 mm
max. 200 mm
400V - 3 kW
0,7 t
LTH 1,9 x 1,5 x 2,1 m

incl. roller conveyor 4,000 mm x 400 mm
including special clamping jaws for thin-walled material
incl. micro spray unit
incl. coolant pump with hand sprayer
including 4 saw blades
incl. chip drawer

miter left 60° + or 45°
Hydropneumatic control of the saw unit
Electro-pneumatic material feed unit
Smooth-running, powerful worm drive with large
Transmission ratio, integrated in a stable cast housing for spare parts
optimal cutting results
Vice with double clamping arm for low-burr cuts. (b.) additionally with
Lateral quick shift when changing the miter
Precision prism guide of the gear head, laterally adjustable
Particularly stable base with built-in automatic cooling and large
chip drawer
Chip removal brush in the saw blade protective hood

MPS control:
Save cut start/end
Display of power consumption, number of pieces, cutting time…
Water cooling adjustable
cutting pressure regulator

Electropneumatic material feed unit
Automatic ball roller guided feeding unit with nonius as standard
length adjustment. Adjustable for section lengths from 2.5 mm to 530 mm
or by automatic reversing 1 – 29 times repeatable. Remaining length 230 mm
Number of saw cuts programmable up to 9999
Infeed vice (opening width 200 mm) floating, to also with
deformed cutting materials to obtain precise cuts